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Juvederm® Volift Lidocaine is an injectable filler intended for the treatment of deeper skin lines and wrinkles. Juvederm® Volift Lidocaine can also be used for facial contouring and restoring lost volume in the midface.

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  • 2 x 1ml syringes
  • 4 x 32G needles 1/2"
  • 12 mg/ml Hyaluronic acid
  • 0,3% Lidocaine
  • Glysine-L-Proline

How long does the result last for?

In general, results can last up to 15 months.


Juvederm® Volift Lidocaine is an innovative injectable facial filler made from hyaluronic acid that restores volume to sunken cheeks and increases the firmness of the skin of the sagging jawline. This product contains lidocaine to ensure a more comfortable treatment.

Benefits of Juvederm Volite

  • Treatment of deep skin depressions
  • Facial contouring
  • For volume restoration via deep dermis
  • Enhances lip volume
  • Can be treated to cheek area and around the chin

Manufacturer: Allergan

Origin: Europe

Storage conditions: Store between 2 – 25℃.

Certification: CE No.0459